How to Remove Scratches from Plastic Glasses

Knowing how to remove scratches from plastic eyeglasses can be a very useful tool for those looking to avoid extra fees charged by an optician. Often times prolonged usage of eyeglasses can result in the eventual damage to the surface of eyeglasses that come in the form of small scratches or abrasions on the lens. If left unchecked the scratching on the lens can develop into a problem that becomes impossible to mend without the purchase of a new set of eyeglasses. In learning how to remove scratches from plastic eyeglasses, it is important to realize that although there are many do-it-yourself methods advertised self-repair may not be the best option and that the use of a professional optician may help in securing a fixed pair of eyeglasses.

A very simple method for repairing eyeglasses would be to use a DVD/CD repair kit. If the scratches are not too severe spraying the solution provided with the kit along with buffering the surface with a soft cloth. This may take a few times to get the eyeglasses to a preferred state. In learning how to remove scratches from plastic eyeglasses, it is of course of the utmost importance that the person doing the cleaning not causes further damage to the eyeglasses.

Another trick for those hoping to avoid a trip to the optician involves using Pledge furniture polish cleaner. In the same manner as you would use solution from a DVD/CD cleaner, the Pledge furniture cleaner, when applied to the lens, should fill in the scratches caused by wear and tear. Though not 100% failsafe, it might have a positive effect on the lens, at least enough to know how to remove scratches from plastic eyeglasses the next time you encounter the problem.

Sometimes, however, the problem lies with the anti-reflective coating on the lens. In this case there is probably no repair work that can be done to rectify the problem. More often than not a new pair of eyeglasses will have to be prescribed.

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